Mission and Vision

Mission Statement:

KMUW promotes insightful discussion and understanding of the issues and people that shape Wichita and our world by providing in-depth, quality news coverage, offering a distinctive blend of diverse music and promoting conversations that create a more engaged community. KMUW Wichita Public Radio is an outreach service of Wichita State University.

How KMUW Differs From Commercial Radio:

First, KMUW’s programming—much of which originates from National Public Radio—is more diverse than a typical commercial radio station’s. The “sound” of KMUW is distinctive; jazz and eclectic are important music elements. The schedule is punctuated with news and discussion programs that are longer in segment and more broad-based in subject matter.

Membership is yet another difference. KMUW holds two pledge drives each year, typically in April and October. Listeners are invited to interact directly with the station to provide critical financial support. This direct contact with the listener/supporter allows KMUW a chance to survey its audience.


To fulfill its mission of public service, Wichita Public Radio will expand the reach and quality of its local news and information programming to become the standard for local reporting of substantive issues, current events of interest to the community and coverage of the arts in and around Wichita; define its local music programming focus to reflect its mission to provide a unique blend of jazz, blues, world and adult-acoustic-alternative, with consistency of style, content and quality of presentation; reflect the core values of public radio in all programming elements; maximize staff capabilities through station-wide application of the core values of public radio, ongoing skills training, and continuing education opportunities to deliver identified results; evaluate allocation of resources within the station’s key strategic areas to meet growth opportunities identified by the strategic plan; provide staff with contemporary and reliable technology to develop and deliver content to better serve the audience through various delivery systems; develop a strong, diverse and reliable resource base to adequately meet the current and future demands of the station.

Core Values:

Qualities of the Mind/Intellect

  • Love of lifelong learning: A desire to learn something new every day
  • Substance: Expand understanding of and connection with the world
  • Curiosity: The need to dig deeper, to ask why, not just what
  • Credibility
  • Accuracy
  • Honesty:  Listeners trust that we are non-manipulative, non-sensational
  • Respect for the intelligence of the listener
  • Purpose: A clear understanding of why we do what we do

Qualities of the Heart and Spirit

  • Humor: Always has a purpose and is never mean-spirited
  • Idealism: We believe in our power to find solutions
  • Inspired about public life and culture
  • Civility – Belief in Civil discourse
  • Generosity: Content has center stage and the guest is the star

Qualities of Craft/Excellence in our use of the Medium

  • Uniquely human voice: conversational, authentic, intimate
  • Pacing: deliberate, thoughtful, appropriate to the substance of the content
  • Attention to detail:  music, sound elements, language