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Marginalia: Jackie Polzin On Life And Longing

Travis Olson
Author Jackie Polzin

Jackie Polzin's novel, Brood, explores the endless challenges of caring for another creature.

When I scheduled this interview with Jackie, it was long before I knew I’d have to make an emergency veterinarian appointment for my cat that required a hard out so I could make it in the only time available. That I was experiencing a minor crisis with my own livestock as I prepared for this interview made me realize yet again the impact—emotional and literal—of the affection we feel for these creatures that share our lives.

On the surface, the nameless narrator tries to preserve her brood of chickens. But go deeper, and it's a look at life and longing.

Here’s my conversation with Jackie Polzin, author of the novel Brood.


Brood by Jackie Polzin was published by Doubleday.

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