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Marginalia: Greg Iles

Robby Followell

Readers familiar with Greg Iles know that although he writes mysteries and thrillers, they’re anything but formulaic. Rich with detail, Iles' books maintain quality while straddling commercial and literary fiction for hundreds and hundreds of pages. 

His last trilogy ended up over 2,400 pages.

His latest work — a stand-alone thriller titled Cemetery Road — isn’t quite so long. But at 587 pages, it’s more than average work in the genre. And at an intense 587 pages, there is nothing quick about it.


I recently spoke with Greg Iles via Skype to talk about Cemetery Road, avoiding spoilers, since it was just released on March 5.

Here’s our conversation:


Cemetery Road by Greg Iles was published by William Morrow. Iles will be in Wichita on Monday, March 18, at Abode Venue.

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