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Marginalia: Megan Hunter


A conversation with Megan Hunter, author of The End We Start From.


In Megan Hunter’s book, The End We Start From, the narrator gives birth while apocalyptic floods are rising in London. The book takes the reader through the year that follows, through the escape from rising waters and through motherhood in very trying circumstances.

The End We Start From is Hunter’s first book. It’s spare. It’s lyrical. And it was quite popular with publishers, preempted by Grove Press on the eve of the 2016 London Book Fair, and was also published in the UK, France, Germany, Canada, and Holland. It was named the November #1 IndieNext pick by independent booksellers in the United States and has received accolades and praise from fellow authors, with descriptors like ‘strange and powerful’ - ‘fierce, sorrowful’ and ‘extraordinary’.

I caught up with Megan Hunter in Cambridge, England, via Skype to talk about her book, her writing, and the publishing process. Here’s our conversation:


The End We Start From was published by Grove Press.

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