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Marginalia: Mark McCormick


A conversation with Mark McCormick, author of Some Were Paupers, Some Were Kings.


Before Mark McCormick was named executive director of The Kansas African American Museum, he worked as a journalist; with work appearing The Louisville Courier-Journal, The Wichita Eagle; and The Journal, a publication of the Kansas Leadership Center, where he spent three years as director of communications. A collection of columns from the three publications was recently published book form, titled Some Were Paupers, Some Were Kings: Dispatches from Kansas.

Mark joined me in the studio recently to visit about the columns. Here’s our conversation:

And if you listened to the commentary on-air, this is what you heard:

Mark McCormick | Marginalia, the commentary


That was Mark McCormick, author of the book Some Were Paupers, Some Were Kings, which was published by Blue Cedar Press.

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