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Marginalia: John Grisham


A conversation about his new legal thriller, title choices, and more.


If you pay attention to the frontmatter of John Grisham’s new legal thriller The Rooster Bar, you’ll see a listing of 38 other works by the author--works of fiction, non-fiction, short stories, and books for young readers. There are more than 300 million of his books in print worldwide.


With a background in criminal defense and personal injury litigation, Grisham writes about what he knows. The subject of The Rooster Bar, however, was one that John Grisham didn’t know much about, but found fascinating. For-profit law schools and overwhelming student debt take center stage in this newest legal thriller, focusing on four students who uncover a malicious plot and try to do something about it.

I caught up with Grisham via phone at his home in Charlottesville, Virginia, and we talked about the new book, his title choices, and more. Here’s our conversation:

And if you listened to the commentary on-air, this is what you heard:



The Rooster Bar was published by Doubleday. Grisham is currently on a 7-city tour for The Rooster Bar, including a sold-out stop in Wichita on Tuesday, October 31.

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