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KMUW Movie Club

Questionable Indulgences And Pertinent Issues


On this month's KMUW Movie Club, we talk about two incredibly different subsets of films. First up, the club talks about some of their favorite movies--that others love to hate. Second, the guys discuss films that take on the task of examining important issues.

Hugo’s Picks

MacGruber (2010)

"I love SNL and, by extension, I love SNL movies. Not a lot of people share that sentiment, particularly post-Wayne's World. I believe one of the best things to come out of Lorne Michaels' wheelhouse is the wildly absurd MacGruber film. While my love for it may be solitary, I am confident that one day circumstances will change, and people will give the recognition it truly deserves. On that day, I will feel validated for having a framed MacGruber movie poster above my bed."

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011)

"To me, The Millenium Trilogy was more than just a set of crime novels. It's a harsh look at the types of violence that many women endure. The film adaptations, both the Swedish and English versions, honor Stieg Larrson’s central themes, regardless of how hard it may be to stomach."

Fletcher’s Picks

The 13th Warrior (1999)

"One of the few movies that doesn't just succeed without plot or characterization, but actually might have been hurt by those things. Adventure from front to back, plenty of blood, and expertly directed."

Let Him Have It (1991)

"A frustrating and fascinating look at a major death penalty case in the U.K. Peter Medak's direction is ruthlessly efficient."

Jedd’s Picks

Gung-Ho (1986)

"Michael Keaton. Ron Howard. Clint Howard. What could go wrong? What's good about this film? Some nice performances from the leads and some comedy writing that still holds up. And George Wendt as the bad guy."

You're Gonna Miss Me (2006)

"A decade after this film's release, Roky Erickson is still performing around the world. That's really all you need to know."

Feel like any of your favorite films are sometimes unjustly maligned? Which films highlight some of the issues closest to your heart? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.