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KMUW Artist Series

KMUW's 2023 featured artist is Armando Minjarez. His original mixed media work on paper titled "Winter Blues" is featured on this year's KMUW mug and t-shirt.

"Winter Blues" by Armando Minjarez, 2023
"Winter Blues" by Armando Minjarez, 2023

The KMUW Artist Series began in the spring of 2004 as a way to highlight and promote Wichita's immense creative community. KMUW invites local artists to donate artwork to be featured on the shirts and coffee mugs that serve as thank you gifts for KMUW members during pledge drives. In the 19 years since the Artist Series began, 33 artists have been featured.

Past Artists

Hannah Lee Scott, "Curious Intruders"
Hannah Lee Scott, "Curious Intruders", 2022

Hannah Lee Scott, Curious Intruders, 2022

Chiyoko Myose, 2021, Left: Sojourning #21 | Center: Gift | Right: Gift (Detail)

Kamela Eaton, Untitled (Infinite Mother), 2020  

Celebrating 70 Years, Fall 2019

Kevin Mullins, Cataract, Spring 2019

Charlotte Martin, I Dreamed Of A Happy Day, Fall 2018 

Wil Fathi, Propyleum, Spring 2018  

Marc Bosworth, My Happy Place, Fall 2017

Beth Golay, SciFri 25, Fall 2016 and Spring 2017  

Jack Wilson, Tea For Two, Spring 2016 

Old Town New Sound, Fall 2015  

Wade Hampton, Untitled, Spring 2015  

Janice Thacker, Dreamer, Fall 2014

Kate Pepper, Three Seasons, Spring 2014  

Christopher Gulick, Self-Portrait 1-13, Fall 2013

Clark Britton, Two Old Birds, Spring 2013

Larry Schwarm, Waves of Fire, Fall 2012

Janet Fisher, Twisted, Spring 2012

Scott Bixler, Caldwell, Fall 2011

Doug Billings, Wichita Melodrama XV, Spring 2011

Brian Hinkle, Kinda Blue, Fall 2010

Patrick Duegaw, Study for Jake with Open Scissors, Spring 2010

Elly Fitzig, Ooh-La-La, Fall 2009

John Ernatt, White Dress Medicine, Spring 2009  

Kathleen Shanahan, Stilts, Shapes and Stunts, Fall 2008

Curt Clonts, Spring Brings Her Gifts, Spring 2008

Charles Baughman, 1st FM Station in Wichita & The Only One You Need Now, Fall 2007

Diane Thomas Lincoln, Red Cloud, Spring 2007

Mark Flickinger, Autumn Light, Fall 2006

Dustin Parker, The Sight of Sound, Spring 2006  

John Boyd, Sidekicks II, Fall 2005

Marilyn Grisham, The Forgiveness of Grass, Spring 2005  

Steve Murillo, Notations On An Autumn Passage, Fall 2004  

Rebecca Hoyer, Early Spring, Spring 2004