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KU Professor Finds Rare Interview Of James Naismith, Inventor Of Basketball

University of Kansas

A University of Kansas researcher has uncovered a rare audio recording of James Naismith, talking about the very first game of basketball, a game he invented. School officials believe this is the only known recording of Naismith.

In this 1939 radio interview, he talks about setting up the first basketball game in Massachusetts in 1891.

Hear the full interview here: http://exhibits.lib.ku.edu/exhibits/show/naismith150/collections/radio-interview

KU Associate Professor Michael Zogry found references to the early radio interview while researching a book. He obtained the nearly three-minute recording in November. Naismith moved to Lawrence in 1898 and became KU's first basketball coach.

Naismith, the only KU basketball coach with a losing record, is buried in Lawrence.