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Praeger Says Congress Should Fix The ACA, Not Repeal It

Jim McLean
Former Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger, a Republican, speaking Wednesday at the Topeka Y.W.C.A about changes Congress should make to fix the Affordable Care Act.

Former Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger says Congress should fix problems with the Affordable Care Act, problems that are driving some insurance companies from the ACA marketplace.

“There're some things that could be done if we could get Congress to be willing to come to the table to try to solve problems," Praeger says. "That hasn’t really been the case now for a few years. But they could fix it.”

Praeger, a Republican, says rules could be changed to make coverage a lot less expensive for younger people. She says that would help offset the cost of covering older people with more health care needs.

Praeger says she “can’t imagine” the health reform law being repealed, but she predicts it could be replaced with a single payer system if changes aren’t made.