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As State Cuts Mental Health Programs, Wyandot Inc. Eliminates 26 Positions

Mike Sherry
KHI News

Wyandot Inc., an umbrella organization for four nonprofit agencies in Kansas City, Kansas, that serve the mentally ill and the homeless, has eliminated 26 positions. 

The agency, which has been around since 1953, has been hit hard by Kansas’ decision to get rid of two programs that accounted for more than $1 million of its revenues.

Randy Callstrom, Wyandot’s president and CEO, said the state discontinued using community mental health centers as gatekeepers that did hospital assessments for Medicaid recipients. And it eliminated a pilot health home program designed to improve the health of people with severe and persistent mental illnesses.

“It’s not necessarily just one thing. It’s here, it’s there and it’s just the cumulative effect," Callstrom says.

Last week, Wyandot ended drop-in services at the Frank Williams Center for the homeless because of lack of funding.

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