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Bill To Ban Dismemberment Abortion Procedure Advances

A bill to ban a certain abortion procedure in Kansas was advanced on Thursday by a legislative committee.  

The House Federal and State Affairs Committee advanced the bill, but only after a debate on an amendment that would have strengthened it further.

The bill would ban a procedure that is used during some dilation and evacuation abortions.

Proponents are calling the procedure dismemberment because it involves using forceps or other instruments to dismember the fetus before removal.

Democratic Representative, John Wilson from Lawrence proposed an amendment that would ban abortion after a heartbeat could be detected. 

Wilson's amendment was voted down. It was seen by some as too strong and could have possibly hindered the bills passage.

Julie Burkhart of Wichita's Trust Women said in a statement that the legislation is gravely irresponsible and cruel.

The bill will now move to the full House for debate.