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KU Hospital Better Prepared for Ebola

Stephen Koranda

Medical workers at the University of Kansas Hospital say they now have more knowledge about Ebola after taking care of a man who turned out not to have the disease.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Lee Norman says there was a lot for them to learn.

"Most certainly, the learning curve is extremely steep as we get information from our colleagues around the country," he says. 

Norman says they're now better prepared to deal with any real cases of Ebola that should appear in the area.

He says he's pleased with the containment unit they built to house the man.

"The unit that we have upstairs is, considering on the short notice that we put it up, a very solid containment unit," Norman says. 

The man was admitted to the hospital after working off the coast of Africa. He had Ebola-like symptoms, but two tests confirmed he does not have the disease. He is now recovering.