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ACA Premiums Average Less than $70 a Month in Kansas

A new report from the Department of Health and Human Services says the average out-of-pocket cost in Kansas for individual health insurance through the new federal marketplace is $67 a month. Bryan Thompson has more.

The report says the actual premium averages $290 a month, but most people qualify for a federal tax credit that covers three-fourths of that amount.

In fact, a little more than three out of every four Kansans buying insurance through the federal exchange qualify for some level of income-based tax credit.

The premiums and tax credits vary, depending upon the coverage purchased. The most popular level of coverage is called "silver".

It pays 80 per cent of health care expenses, leaving the patient responsible for 20 per cent.

Only 14 per cent of Kansans buying so-called "Obamacare" policies are paying more than $150 a month out-of-pocket for their premiums. Half are paying $50 or less.