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Saline County Commission Stands By Decision To Reject IUD Birth Control Grant

The Saline County Commission has refused to reconsider a vote rejecting a federal grant to provide a type of birth control to county residents.

Two weeks ago, the commission rejected a $6,064 grant through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for intrauterine devices--or IUDs--, after one commissioner said the devices are equal to murder.

After being strongly criticized, the commission said it would reconsider that vote.

Yesterday, commissioners heard from citizens and doctors who offered differing views on whether IUDs caused abortions.

The Salina Journal reports that Dr. David Dupy, physician for the Saline County Health Department, said IUDs are "not abortive." An IUD prevents the sperm from reaching the egg and does not abort it.

Dupy was joined in his support for the grant by health department Director Bronson Farmer, and the department’s nurse practioner, Jeanette Peroli.

However, Dr. Amy Hogan, who spoke at a morning session, said the IUD does not stop ovulation and the IUD does prevent the uterus from accepting a fertilized egg, supporting Commissioner John Price, who previously said that IUDs cause abortions.

The three commissioners said they had taken time to listen to people and decided to stay with their original decision.