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Bike Month Profile: Brett Hogan

Special to KMUW

Wichita cyclist Brett Hogan likes to ride in races, for long distances, and fast. He got into bicycling in high school, when his swim coach told him he could improve his performance by adding cycling to his fitness regime. He hopped on a bike and didn't look back.

He's part of a number of local bike groups that like to ride fast, and they mostly keep their routes out of towns to avoid traffic. With those, you try to keep up with the group, but if you can't, no hard feelings. Brett says that's how he gets better and faster at bike riding. There's a big training ride Wednesdays by the Kansas Coliseum that Brett says is "no holds barred," and sometimes attracts top-level bike racers and sometimes pros.

Whether you're a super-fast biker or a beginner, though, Brett says the key to getting better is to keep biking. If you're on your bike, you're getting better.

Listen to Brett talk about fast biking in Wichita below.

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