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Bike Month Profile: Wichita Police Sgt. Travis Rakestraw

Sgt. Travis Rakestraw works with the Accident Follow-Up Unit and the Robbery Investigation Section of the Wichita Police Department. When it comes to street accidents, he says his unit sees "the worst of the worst." Sgt. Rakestraw says if both bicyclists and motor vehicle drivers pay more attention to each other, his team will have fewer serious or fatal accidents to investigate each year, and more people can get where they want to go safely. 

He says bicycles are considered motor vehicles according to city ordinance, since they're sharing the roadways, and they should follow the rules of the road just like other types of vehicles. 

Listen to Sgt. Travis Rakestraw share how bicyclists and motorists in Wichita should interact, and why it's so important to wear a helmet. 

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