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Health Care Reform Questions? Local Workshops Have Answers

Carla Eckels

A health care reform expert fielded questions in Wichita Thursday about the Affordable Care Act.

The workshop was one of two Wichita community meetings to be held this week on health care reform.

Sheldon Weisgrau, Director of the Health Reform Resource Project, spoke to the crowd of more than 60 people at the Madison Avenue Residences Clubhouse. He talked about the impact of the new law, which is designed to provide health care to more Americans.

Weisgrau emphasized that though the act, referred to as Obamacare, will affect most people, the facts are not getting out.

"If you believe the polling, 40 percent of the American public does not even know this law exists. Two-thirds of the people that might benefit from this do not know how they might benefit," Weisgrau said.

The healthcare marketplace website will open on October 1st.

There will be another informational meeting Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Speak Out Kansas office, 2201 E. 13th Street N., near 13th and Madison in Wichita. Anna Lambertson, Executive Director of the Kansas Health Consumer Coalition, will discuss changes in accessing health insurance, what will be covered and who will be eligible for financial help.