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KanCare Recipients Need To Watch Their Mailboxes Soon

KanCare beneficiaries can expect to receive an important mailing in the next few days.

The Affordable Care Act makes some changes that will require them to provide additional information about their households. The mailing is going out to 130,000 households that include children and pregnant women who are KanCare, formerly known as Medicaid, beneficiaries.

The questionnaire asks how the members of the household are related to each other, and which of them plan to file an income tax return next year. KDHE spokeswoman Miranda Steele says members and applicants need to return this information by September 15.

“If that’s not received by us through this form, or through a phone call to the state, we will contact that beneficiary at the time of their annual review," she says.

Those who don’t provide the information could risk losing their KanCare eligibility. Beneficiaries who are elderly or disabled are not being asked for this information. The new federal eligibility rules don’t apply to them.