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KU Doctors Fix 3-Week-Old Girl's Aneurysm With Super Glue

Keith Myers of the Kansas City Star
Kansas City Star

Doctors at the University of Kansas Hospital expect a three-week-old girl to make a full recovery after they closed an aneurysm in her brain…using super glue.

Jared and Gina Julian knew there was something wrong with their three-week-old daughter, Ashlyn, when she suddenly began screaming.

Her mother says "She was very stiff, and then very rag-doll limp. And then... not super responsive." Later that night after Ashlyn threw up a second time, her parents went to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

Doctors there ran an ultrasound on Ashlyn's head, then quickly transferred her to University of Kansas hospital. There, doctors discovered that a blood vessel in the baby's brain had swollen and ruptured. Rather than risk surgery--with the potential for bleeding--they used a tiny catheter to deliver a drop of surgical super glue to close off the leaking blood vessel.

The doctors say they think it's the first time this has ever been done with a baby who is less than a month old.