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KanCare Selection Period Ends Thursday

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The clock is ticking for the 380,000 Kansans whose health insurance comes through the Medicaid program now known as KanCare.

The KanCare program assigned each member to one of three private companies administering the benefits as of the first of the year. Members who prefer to switch to a different company have to do so no later than this Thursday.

At a recent educational meeting in Hays, KDHE policy and program analyst Effie Swanson said one reason to switch might be if your doctor is not signed up with your health plan’s network.

“You also want to think about if you have other health care providers," she said. "If you go see a heart doctor, a foot doctor, maybe you have some helpers that come into your home and do things like help you clean or cook - you want to make sure that they are signed up with your health plan as well.”

Though switching to a different health plan can only be done during the open enrollment period, members can designate a different doctor as their primary care provider anytime.