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Yoder, Jenkins Support Banning 'Bump Stock' Weapon Accessory

Bump stock on a WASR-10 variant of an AK-47.

Kansas Reps. Kevin Yoder and Lynn Jenkins say they support a federal ban on "bump stocks," which convert semi-automatic rifles to shoot like fully automatic weapons

The two Kansas Republicans issued statements Thursday supporting a ban on the accessory apparently used by a gunman in Las Vegas Sunday to kill and wound more than 550 people. The proposal to ban the "bump stocks" is gaining support from some Republicans in Congress.

Yoder, who is expected to seek re-election in Kansas' 3rd District, says individuals shouldn't be able to easily convert legal firearms into automatic weapons.

And Jenkins, who is not running again in the 2nd District, says she still supports gun rights but she believes Congress should close the loophole that allows the use of bump stocks and similar devices.