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Kansas Red Cross Continues Volunteer Deployment To Flood-Ravaged Texas

American Red Cross

Kansas Red Cross says it’s had an overwhelming response to its call for more volunteers.

The south-central chapter is processing new recruits and getting them trained so they can serve in the flood disaster areas in Texas.

Kansas Red Cross is working to get more volunteers in the pipeline so they’ll be available to take over when the current volunteers return home.

Dozens of disaster relief workers deployed this week, including 30 from the south-central area.

Executive Director Jennifer Sanders says many of them have experience with large-scale natural disasters.

"Most of the volunteers we’ve sent down there right now primarily are trained in what we call ‘mass care and sheltering,’" Sanders says. "We are starting to look into the future, understanding and knowing that we are now going to need volunteers to help with the recovery process which is damage assessment and case work."

The South Central and Southeast Red Cross chapter sent four emergency response vehicles to Texas last weekend.

Sanders says the volunteers are working two-week deployments, but some often stay longer.

"Many of them have been on multiple deployments and large ones such as Hurricanes Sandy, Katarina and Matthew," Sanders says. "They are resilient, and they’re compassionate, and I think they are happy to serve the Red Cross and serve the mission, and take care of those clients down there in Texas and Louisiana."

More than 33,000 people are using Red Cross and community partner shelters across the state of Texas.

The Red Cross is accepting monetary donations online, by phone, by text and mail. Visit redcross.org for more information.


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