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Trump Election Commission To Meet In Person For First Time


The Presidential Commission on Election Integrity -- which some have taken to calling simply the “Kobach commission” -- holds its first in-person meeting in Washington, D.C., later Wednesday morning. Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is vice chair of the commission, and his pursuit of voter fraud in Kansas will be in the spotlight.

Kobach says this is an opportunity to have a nationwide fact finding mission on voting issues and voter fraud and "see what evidence there is of different forms of voter fraud across the country," he said on CNN last month. "I may know in Kansas, and I do, but I can’t speak for the other 49 states. Put the facts on the table, let people draw their own conclusions."

Mark Johnson, an attorney who has worked on Kansas voting lawsuits, says he hopes the commission will take an objective look at the issue, but he’s concerned the panel may use some limited examples of voter fraud to recommend changes in voting laws.

“There’s just so little evidence that actual voter fraud is a problem,” Johnson says.

Kobach attracted some criticism when he asked all 50 states for voter information to help the commission study fraud. That request has been put on hold for now because of a lawsuit.

At the link above, hear Statehouse reporter Stephen Koranda talk to Kansas News Service editor Amy Jeffries about the commission's meeting. You can also stream the meeting live at the video player above.