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U.S House Committee Discusses Kansas-Style Tax Cut

nostri-imago / Flickr / Creative Commons

A subcommittee in the U.S. House of Representatives was discussing tax reform on Thursday, and they’re considering some of the same types of tax policies that Kansas recently overturned. Kansas came up multiple times in the discussion.

The plan in the subcommittee would cut tax rates and cut taxes on some business income, known as pass-through income. The goal is economic growth and specifically boosting small business.

California Democrat Mike Thompson noted the similarities to Kansas policies that were repealed.

“They found out that this did take money away from all the things, all the services that government provides,” Thompson said.

South Dakota Republican Kristi Noem pushed back, saying the Kansas example shouldn’t cause them to condemn that type of tax cut.

“That was a little bit more complicated than just tax policy that hit that state, and history would show that doesn’t prove true in other situations in other states,” Noem said.

None of the Kansas delegation serves on the subcommittee that discussed the tax ideas.