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Kansas Lawmakers Bundle Tax, School Funding Bills Into Single Plan

J. Schafer
KPR/File photo

Updated 4:45 p.m. Monday: House lawmakers rejected the bill in a 91-32 vote

Kansas lawmakers are set to debate a new tax proposal that combines school funding and revenue increases into a single massive bill. They developed the plan while working this weekend, but delayed debate on the legislation until Monday.

Gov. Sam Brownback vetoed a previous tax plan approved by lawmakers. Republican Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning said they hope the combination will have a better chance of passage.

“We’re hoping that this would give him another reason not to veto and certainly the House will use it to gain their votes and we’ll see if they’re successful or not,” Denning said.

Some Republicans believe the plan would also comply with a state Supreme Court ruling on school funding. But Democratic Sen. Anthony Hensley believes it will not satisfy the court.

“This bill does not...raise enough revenue in order to not only fund our school finance plan but fund a sustainable budget into the foreseeable future,” Hensley said.

The tax proposal would undo many of the state's 2012 tax cuts to help eliminate a budget shortfall.

Monday is the 108th day of what was scheduled to be a 100-day session. Each overtime day costs taxpayers nearly $45,000.