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Kansas Lawmakers Headed For Weekend Overtime

Stephen Koranda
A tax conference committee of House and Senate lawmakers meeting last month.

Kansas lawmakers have yet to finish the session, and the overtime will now stretch into Saturday. Both the House and Senate are planning to work this weekend.

Republican House Majority Leader Don Hineman said they’re making progress. He said most of the work is in conference committees or closed-door meetings rather than debates on the House floor.

“There is work being accomplished, but it’s slow," Hineman said. "We don’t dare take the weekend off. Even though the perception might be that there isn’t much happening, it’s part of the process of working towards a good resolution.”

If conference committees made up of House and Senate lawmakers reach new agreements on issues like taxes and school funding, the full chambers can vote on them over the weekend.

Hineman said they probably won't be ending the session in the next couple days.

"Wrapping up this weekend is unrealistic. Midweek is probably achievable," Hineman said. "I would certainly hope we could be headed home by midweek."

Friday is day 105 of what was slated to be a 100-day session. Each overtime day costs taxpayers almost $45,000.