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Kansas Senate Advances Budget Plan

Stephen Koranda
KPR/File photo

The Kansas Senate has given first-round approval to a proposed spending plan for the next two fiscal years.

It includes raises for many state employees in Kansas, and it would shift money to restore some of the higher education cuts put in place last year. Republican Carolyn McGinn said they increase spending only in some targeted ways.

“The committee did a wonderful job in trying to hold the line. There’s a lot of need out there in our state. We’ve had a number of cuts,” McGinn said.

The bill is currently unbalanced. They’ll either have to approve a tax increase or cut back the budget plan. Republican Ty Masterson of Andover said they shouldn’t be adding any new spending until they determine the revenue side of the picture.

“We’re talking about the people’s money," he said. "We’re talking about bloating this thing up, going in the opposite direction of what most people in this room said they would do."

Lawmakers passed a tax increase earlier this year but it was vetoed by Gov. Sam Brownback.