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KS Lawmakers To Debate Rollback On Gun Legislation

Hugo Phan
KMUW/File photo

In addition to the budget, income taxes and education, Kansas lawmakers will also debate whether to roll back some gun legislation.

As Sam Zeff with the Kansas News Service reports, a bill to do just that has already been filed.

The pre-filed measure would negate a law from two years ago that allows anyone to carry a concealed gun in the Statehouse. The capitol is secured by metal detectors and highway patrol troopers.

The lone sponsor of the legislation is Democratic Rep. Louis Ruiz from Kansas City, Kansas.

However, the bill does signal the opening round of gun debates this session.

Moderates and Democrats are expected to try and roll back the law that will allow anyone to carry a concealed weapon on college campuses come July. While there is fairly wide support for such a rollback, that particular bill may have a hard time getting out of committee.

Sam Zeff is a reporter for KCUR, a partner in the Kansas News Service. Find him on Twitter @samzeff.