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Kansas Senate Rejects Two Changes To Campus Guns Law

Hugo Phan
KMUW/File photo

The Kansas Senate has rejected two proposals that would have affected concealed carry on Kansas college and university campuses.

The first proposal would have allowed universities to ban concealed guns through 2021. Under current law, concealed guns will be allowed in university and college buildings starting in 2017.

Republican Sen. Jeff Longbine said campus surveys show staff and students aren’t ready for it.

But Republican Sen. Forest Knox said this is about trusting law-abiding gun owners.

“And I oppose this amendment because we’re just extending the time that our students and our staff are required to be defenseless,” Knox said.

The Senate rejected that proposal and then considered one that would have allowed concealed guns on campus even earlier, starting later this year. Democratic Sen. Marci Francisco said university policies may still be in development and security equipment might still be needed.

“They may not have sent out bids for necessary equipment. They might not be able to get it. This is really moving forward a date with very little warning,” Francisco says.

Republican Sen. Michael O’Donnell argued that schools have had nearly three years to prepare and could have been ready to allow guns on campus later this year.