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House Committee Approves Targeted Raises For Some Workers

Stephen Koranda
KPR/File Photo

A Kansas House committee has approved raises for corrections officers in the state’s prisons, but didn’t approve any across-the-board raises for state workers.

Some members of the committee noted that many state employees haven’t received a raise since 2009. House Appropriations Committee Chairman Ron Ryckman said they might be able to consider raises for more workers if efficiency recommendations from a recent state spending study are put into effect.

“Every one of us could come in here and talk about one group of people who needs a raise and hasn’t had one since 2009. We know this, but we haven’t done the work yet to allow it to happen and still be responsible for the balancing of our books,” Ryckman said.

Republican Rep. Mark Hutton said lawmakers have limited resources and need to target spending to areas where there’s the greatest need.

“In the business world, if I need carpenters I don’t raise my secretaries’ salaries. You address what you can where you can,” Hutton said.

The House Appropriations Committee approved its version of the budget this week. The full House could debate the bill as soon as next week.