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US Rep. Mike Pompeo Speaks to 'Meet The Press' Ahead Of Clinton Investigation

Meet the Press

Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo from Wichita appeared on Sunday's "Meet the Press" to discuss the progress of the committee to investigate the Benghazi attacks. He also more than hinted at a run for speaker of the House.

The House Benghazi Committee will question former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday about her involvement in the attacks in 2012 when four Americans were killed, and the subsequent erasure of her emails while in office.

During the interview on NBC, Pompeo compared the investigation to Watergate.

"This is worse in some ways," he says. "Secretary Clinton tried to hide every one of her emails. She destroyed 30,000 of them, and now we have an FBI investigation.”

Pompeo was reminded that he has said he would run for speaker of the House if Paul Ryan, whom he called a solid conservative, decides not to.

You can watch Pompeo's appearance on "Meet The Press" here:


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