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Kansas Lawmakers To Dig Into Problems With State Software System


Kansas lawmakers are continuing to study issues with a state software system. A legislative panel will be hearing details about problems at a meeting later today.

The state has spent more than $14 million on the software system for the Legislature.

At a meeting last month, Senate President Susan Wagle said problems continue when drafting bills and amendments, which caused delays during the last legislative session.

“We even had to delay debate on the Senate and House floor because we couldn’t get amendments. There were times we’d have to come back the next day. That’s just unheard of in the past,” Wagle says.

John Harrington, CEO of the software company Propylon, says the company successfully put the system in place in 2011 and since then it’s been in the hands of Statehouse IT staff. Harrington says his company has been providing support and has a process in place to report problems.