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Brownback: No Tax Increases Or Cuts To Balance Kansas Budget

Stephen Koranda
KPR/File photo

Gov. Sam Brownback is taking some budget options off the table for now in the face of sagging revenue numbers.

Kansas tax collections were more than $60 million short of expectations over the last three months. Brownback told reporters today that he won’t push for tax increases. He also isn’t considering mid-year budget cuts.

“I’m really not looking at allotments. We’ll try to figure a way through it another way, and I think we’ll be able to,” Brownback says.

Brownback gave few details of what other options exist, but says they’ll be watching the new revenue estimates to be released next month.

“We’re looking at the options that we have. I met with the revenue people again yesterday trying to look at what’s happening here,” he says.

The tax collection shortfall of $60 million is significant because officials only expected a small state savings account this fiscal year of less than $100 million.