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Key Kansas Senator Calling For Fix To State’s Budget Problems

Stephen Koranda
KPR/File Photo

The vice-chairman of the Kansas Senate’s budget writing committee says it’s time to fix the state’s ongoing budget problems once and for all.

Speaking on the KCUR podcast Statehouse Blend, Senator Jim Denning said the income tax cuts championed by Governor Sam Brownback aren’t producing the promised economic benefits.

And the Overland Park Republican said many lawmakers are getting tired of addressing budget shortfalls caused by dropping state revenues.

“I want to fix it and I don’t want to mess around with these little Band-Aides that we were forced to do last year," Denning says. "So, I’m ready to do whatever is necessary to stabilize the tax collection-revenue cycle.”

Denning is among those who want to repeal or cap the tax break given to more than 330,000 Kansas business owners.

But Brownback spokesperson Eileen Hawley says the governor will continue to oppose any effort to rollback his tax cuts. She says the governor doesn’t believe raising taxes on small businesses is a good economic strategy.