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Clinton, Kobach Spar In Social Media Flap Over Voting Rights

Marc Nozell, flickr Creative Commons; kslegislature.org

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is trading barbs over social media with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on voting rights.

The spat was sparked by Kobach's proposal to throw out after 90 days names of more than 34,000 potential voters who registered in the state, but didn't provide proof-of-citizenship documents like a birth certificate or naturalization papers.

Clinton's campaign late Monday posted a comment on Twitter calling the plan a "targeted attack on voting rights," including a link to a story from The Associated Press about it.

Koback retorted the next day on Facebook that it is not a purge as "left-wing knuckleheads" claim because those people just have to fill out another voter registration form again. He said Clinton is "getting her pantsuit in a twist over nothing."

Clinton's original tweet:

Kobach's response:

Credit Kris Kobach's Facebook