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Kansas House Chooses Not To Vote On Senate's Tax Bill

Stephen Koranda file photo

The Kansas House decided not to take up a tax bill yesterday that was sent to them by the state Senate. Lawmakers return for day 110 of the legislative session today, and the only item left on their plate is balancing the budget. KPR's Stephen Koranda reports.

Both chambers in the Kansas Legislature have now approved the budget, but the bill needs around $400 million in tax increases, or budget cuts, to be balanced. The Senate passed a tax plan on Sunday.

But senators also added some policy changes, like a limit on property tax increases without a public vote and a proposal to eliminate some tax exemptions.

Republican state Rep. Marvin Kleeb says it was looking like the bill may not get much support in the House.

“They put in some policy that a lot of the members are not real interested in voting for," Kleeb says.

Some House members also want to address an income tax exemption for many business owners. A tax conference committee will meet this morning to work on another plan.