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Brownback Supports Newest Kansas Tax Proposal

Stephen Koranda

Governor Sam Brownback says he supports a tax plan passed by the Kansas Senate and he’s now urging House members to approve the bill. Lawmakers have approved a budget but need to pass a tax bill to fund the budget before the session can end.

Brownback calls the tax plan passed by the Senate a good proposal.

“It’s been thoroughly discussed and it’s past time to get this done and move it forward. Yes, I will sign it,” Brownback says.

The governor says he even lobbied lawmakers by phone from the hospital where his first grandchild was born yesterday.

The plan raises the sales tax and cigarette taxes to help fill a budget hole. It also cancels some cuts to personal income tax rates. The bill rolls back one part of a 2012 tax break for businesses, but many business owners would still be exempt from paying income taxes.

Lawmakers are in the 109th day of the legislative session, making this the longest session in state history.