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Kansas Senate Advances Tighter Rules For Social Services

William Grootonk, flickr Creative Commons

The Kansas Senate has advanced tighter rules for the state's social services that include a $25-a-day limit on withdrawals with a cash-assistance card from ATMs.

Senators gave first-round approval on a voice vote on Wednesday to a bill that enshrines existing policies from Governor Sam Brownback's administration into law, so they'll be harder to undo.

The policies include a requirement for able-bodied recipients of cash assistance and food stamps to work or seek jobs.

The bill also contains new rules, such as the limit on ATM withdrawals designed to prevent fraud. Another new rule would not allow cash assistance to be used for sexually oriented materials or luxury items.

Supporters said the bill will move people from social services to jobs. Critics say the bill is mean-spirited.

Senators planned to take final action Thursday.