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Lawmakers Nearing Their Annual Spring Break

Stephen Koranda
KPR/File photo

Kansas lawmakers are in the final stretch before a spring break. As Stephen Koranda reports, they’ll be busy this week before they leave for nearly a month.

The Kansas Senate has passed its version of a two-year budget and the House could take up a budget this week. Conference committees will also be working to hammer out differences between bills that passed the House and Senate in different forms.

There’s still plenty more work to do. The budgets being considered by lawmakers won’t balance without a tax increase. The question could be what tax increases they consider. The governor has proposed alcohol and tobacco taxes, but there are other options on the table.

The final budget and tax work won’t take place until lawmakers return from their break at the end of April. By then, they’ll have updated revenue numbers which will give them a more complete look at the state’s finances