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Brownback Inaugural Remarks Focus On Families, Culture, Morality

Stephen Koranda

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has officially started his second term in office.

He highlighted what he calls a "crisis of the family" during his inauguration speech.

Stephen Koranda reports...

Brownback mentioned what he called “economic problems” in Kansas, but said the solutions are cultural and moral. He says issues of character and morality are connected to other challenges facing Kansas.

“Lack of healthy families leads to a lack of growth in the economy. Lack of healthy families is a big part of poverty in our state and nation. We must substantially reduce childhood poverty. A big piece of that will be strengthening healthy marriage and family,” says Brownback.

Some Democrats disagree with the governor, saying tax cuts he pushed are responsible for budget issues in Kansas.

Brownback didn’t offer any details of legislation he might propose. He’ll outline his legislative agenda during the State of the State address Thursday.