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White House Study: Medicaid Non-Participation Costs KS

A new study by the White House Council of Economic Advisors says the decision not to expand Medicaid is costing Kansas millions of dollars, and thousands of jobs.

According to the study, Kansas is passing up $820-million over the next three years by choosing not to take advantage of Medicaid expansion. The federal government would pay for nearly all of the cost of the expansion, which would add 100,000 Kansans to the state’s Medicaid rolls. But Sean Gatewood, who heads the Kansas Health Consumers Coalition, says that’s not his main argument. 

“I represent consumers, and consumers would be greatly benefited by the improved health benefits Medicaid expansion would bring," he says.

Gatewood says Medicaid expansion would help thousands of Kansans manage chronic diseases and get preventive health screenings.  It would also protect them from financial hardships related to being uninsured.