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UPDATE: House Committee Approves And Expands Bill To Void Local Gun Ordinances In Kansas

Update 11:49am Wednesday: The Federal and State Affairs expanded gun-rights legislation Wednesday before approving it. The committee's unanimous voice vote sends the measure to the House for debate, as early as next week. Under the expanded bill, Kansas residents would be able to carry loaded handguns in their vehicles.

The House Federal and State Affairs committee is taking up legislation Wednesday that would strip cities and counties of the power to regulate guns or block open carry.

National and state gun-rights groups are pushing the bill, which voids existing local gun ordinances in Kansas.

It would ensure open carry of firearms is allowed state-wide, and it would keep cities and counties from regulating guns and ammunition sales.

The bill will also keep cities and counties from using tax revenue to administer gun buyback programs.

Local government groups oppose the bill. They say city and county officials know their communities best. The committee postponed a vote last week to review potential amendments. Its approval today will send the bill to the full House for debate.