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State Finance Council Approves Sale Of Dillon House

Stephen Koranda

The State Finance Council Monday approved the sale of a historic building across the street from the Kansas Statehouse.

The Dillon House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It has been owned by the state since the late 1990s and has mostly sat empty.

The council approved the $700,000 sale to Pioneer Group, a company that works on affordable housing and historical preservation projects. Governor Sam Brownback called the decision a "great move" because the facility needs repairs and updates.

“Either we need to put some money into it and really build it back up or sell it to somebody to put some money into it. It’s not functioning the way it could be,” Brownback said.

Pioneer Group plans to renovate the building and rent out the lower floor for receptions or other events. The rest of the facility will serve as offices for the company.

The state previously attempted to sell the Dillon House in a sealed bidding process, but the highest bid was rejected because the state said it was below market value.