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City Council Approves Landfill Contract, Increasing Capacity

The Wichita City Council approved a new contract Tuesday with Greengroup to operate a construction and demolition landfill in northwest Wichita.

Greengroup, formerly Herzog Environmental, has operated the landfill since 2001. The landfill will continue with current staff.

Don Henry, assistant director of Public Works and Utilities, told the council the contract includes ongoing operations of the landfill and provides for the opening of a new construction and demolition cell.

"The expanded cell would increase capacity of the landfill by another 30 years," said Henry. "Without a new cell, the landfill will become full in 2018."

The contract would increase the amount of the tipping fee paid to the operator by a dollar per ton.

The city’s share will be reduced in order to maintain the current $32 per-ton fee paid by customers.

The council agreed the tipping fee share is sufficient to pay for operating costs and liabilities.