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School Board Group Supports Brownback Tax Plan

Some conservative groups are opposing Gov. Sam Brownback's new tax plan because it includes revenue-raising measures along with additional income tax cuts.

But the Kansas Association of School Boards is supporting the plan because it's aimed at filling a $500 million budget gap caused by last year's tax cuts.

The group's position surprised Senate Tax Committee Chairman Les Donovan, when he called on KASB lobbyist Mark Tallman to testify at a recent hearing.

Donovan said he had Tallman down as a proponent, but he wasn't sure if that was correct.

"We are here as proponents, for the very simple reason that we think the governor's revenue components are necessary to fund the governor's budget and the impact that will have on K-12 education," said Tallman.

One of those revenue components is a proposal to make what was supposed to be a temporary increase in the sales tax permanent. The increase was passed in 2010 to help the state weather the recession.