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Commission Makes Progress On Wichita City Council Redistricting

Wichita City Council members heard a presentation on redistricting Tuesday during their scheduled workshop. The plan will revise the council district boundaries in the city.

Since August, the Commission of Electors made up of representatives from all six districts in Wichita and an appointee by Mayor Carl Brewer have worked on redistricting with information from the 2010 census.

The revised map includes a population of 60,000 to 67,000 people per district. Commission member Misty Bruckner told the council that the group looked at various growth patterns.

“Our biggest challenge honestly came with what to do with the request to use Woodlawn as the boundary for Districts 2 and 1 on the northern side, and the request from the public that Kellogg is a natural boundary on the south side,” said Bruckner. “So it really came back to what direction does District 1 look like going forward.”

Districts 1, 3, 4 and 6 would increase in population with the plan. Districts 2 and 5 would decrease in population.

The council has until December 31 to adopt by ordinance the redrawn council districts.