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Proposed Sedgwick County Budget Includes Cuts, Layoffs

The Sedgwick County manager will present his recommended budget for 2013 to the county commissioners Wednesday. It will include cuts to jobs and services.

In a meeting with reporters Monday morning sedgwick county manager Bill Buchanan said the county will have to do less with less to eliminate the $9.3 million deficit.

Buchanan said his proposed budget will bring the deficit to zero by the end of 2013. Details of the budget and cuts will be outlined when he presents the budget to the county commissioners Wednesday.

The recommendation includes the elimination of 113 positions, including 79 positions that are currently filled.

Buchanan said his plan continues to fund jail and corrections at their current levels to maintain public safely.

He said while they will continue to provide services to the county’s most vulnerable citizens, there will likely be cuts to many programs.

There will be public hearings on the budget July 25 and Aug 14.

The commissioners are expected to set the 2013 budget on August 15.