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Geeking Out: The Sights And Sounds Of The AirCap Comic-Con

The 2015 Air Capital Comic-Con took place earlier this month and KMUW 's Hugo Phan was there to capture the celebration of all things geek and nerd. 

Credit Hugo Phan
Heather and Adam Byers man the Byers Art & Apparel and ICT Comics booth.

In its second year at the convention, local vendor ICT Comics, combined with AirCap Comic-Con veteran Byers Art and Apparel, continues to help provide a space for both casual and hardcore comic book fans.

Those who visited their booth at this year's event were able to find handmade plushies, rare and discounted comic books, trade paperbacks and much more.

Credit Hugo Phan
Wichitan Kevin Stanberry stands on the convention floor.

Long time comic book fan Kevin Stanberry has attended the AirCap Comic-Con every year since it started three years ago.

As AirCap continues to grow, Stanberry is happy that convention organizers are trying to keep comics at the heart of this annual event.

While at the convention, he likes to talk to the comic book creators, as well as sifting through the discount bins.

Credit Hugo Phan
Together Marissa Cisneros and Sophie Jones make up Ultra Girls Cosplay

Costume play, also known as cosplay, is a staple at many comic book conventions. These events offer fans the opportunity to dress up as their favorite characters from across many mediums.

The amount of technique and research that goes into each costume can be extensive, but local cosplayers Sophii and Cissa have gotten their craft down.

Known as Ultra Girls Cosplay, they travel to conventions across the country to display their costumes, judge contests and to sell their prints and custom hairbows.

Table-Top Games
Credit Hugo Phan
Troy Graber after a demo of the game "Small World."

Learning new board games can be daunting. It's only getting scarier with the growing popularity of more complex and strategic table-top games.

Luckily at this year's event, AirCap offered an array of board game demos.

One of this year's game presenters is Table-Top Hero's own Troy Graber. In a wonderful demo, I was able to learn the rules to a game titled Small World.

A big fan of intricate table-top games, Graber mainly does demos for miniature war game Warhammer 40,000, but was also asked to bring simple and entry-level strategy games to help get those who might be interested in getting into board games as a hobby.


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