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Energy and Environment

Brownback Water Task Force Working On Funding Plan

mcdarius, flickr Creative Commons

A task force seeking a way to fund Gov. Brownback’s 50-year water plan appears close to recommending that a small percentage of state sales tax revenue be earmarked for up to $55 million a year in conservation projects.

Rep. Tom Sloan is a Lawrence Republican and a member of the task force. He agrees with the goal but fears the state’s budget problems will make any plan that diverts revenue a tough sell.

“Schools are underfunded, socials services are underfunded, so if you’re going to be taking revenue, even to fund something as important as water, it’s going to be a very difficult sell politically,” Sloan says.

The task force met on Monday in Manhattan during the state’s annual water conference, but didn’t finalize its recommendations to the governor and Legislature.